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leg refences

Reblogging this not only for artists but also for people who write werewolf (and other animal transformation) fiction.  If a human turned into a wolf, their knee joints would not reverse— what some fic writers mistake for the knee is actually the ankle.  A wolf’s hind feet are relatively long, and they are always walking in way roughly analogous to human “tip-toeing.”

For anyone curious, the artist is Marshall Vandruff and he has a free webinar up on Imaginarium as well as dvds from Gnomon Workshop!

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I just want to be kissed and fucked for my birthday this year. that’s it,


Found this the other day while camping. It’s like nature painted on a leaf.

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Tumblr Community Garden Give-away #2!

Once again, I’m creating a community garden one Tumblr user at a time!

The prize:

12+/- different types of seeds for growing herbs and veggies:

Cucumber (2 kinds)

English Thyme




Rio Zape Beans(like a pinto bean, aka Hopi Bean)

Midnight Black Bean

Yellow Indian Woman Bean

Banana Pepper

and more - many are heirloom seed that can be regrown from the new fruit

15 bio-degradable Jiffy Pots

5 up-cycled planter pots

2 Ice cream pails for bigger plants

Homemade, hand-bound book for garden journal

3 Mother Earth News’ Magazines with great articles on self-sufficiency

Coconut coir from our coconuts to place in bottom of pots for better drainage

Craft sticks to label your seedlings

Gently read zines and books on self-sufficiency, living a better life and urban gardening from Adam gnade, jessie-duke and the independent publisher/distributor Pioneers Press

AND…a $10 gift card to the hardware/garden center of your choice to buy gobs of dirt (last giveaway I shipped dirt. Never again).

-Following tropicalhomestead appreciated but not necessary
-reblog this post at least once AND include a note why you want to win. Very Important, you won’t be considered without a reason.
-no giveaway blogs
-likes don’t count -reblog so everyone can have a chance to start growing their own food

-I also hope the winner will keep us updated on mini-garden progress!

Give-away open to November 1, 2014. I’ll pick a winner by November 10.

Good luck - and don’t worry if you’re not a winner this time - I live for this stuff and I will do it again.

I moved home this summer to live with my parents due to financial difficulty, and they’ve given me the go ahead to rip up their backyard in the spring to start growing food for our friends and family. I’m turning the swing set my younger brother and sister have outgrown into a trellis of sorts, making a huge wire fence arch over the beams that supported the swings and monkey bars. I need lots of vines to fill this huge space! Very excited to learn and teach my family more about growing plants for our dinner table.


Todd Pletcher
Couldn’t be happier with my latest coffee mug by Todd Pletcher. This was a great find at the Michiana Pottery Tour.

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A gallery with no sculptures, only a cloud floating within the space. ‘Nimbus’ is a new installation of Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde, who refuses to explain how he managed to create a real cloud.

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I need help naming my cat.

I need help naming my cat.

Professionalism is a funny term, because it masquerades as neutral despite being loaded with immense oppression. As a concept, professionalism is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, imperialist and so much more — and yet people act like professionalism is non-political. Bosses across the country constantly tell their employees to ‘act professionally’ without a second thought. Wear a garment that represents your non-Western culture to work? Your boss may tell you it’s unprofessional. Wear your hair in braids or dreadlocks instead of straightened? That’s probably unprofessional too. Wear shoes that are slightly scuffed because you can’t yet afford new ones? People may not think you’re being professional either.
Why I’m Genderqueer, Professional and Unafraid, by Jacob Tobia (via wertheyouth)

are your boobs so big and heavy that wearing a bra for a 7 hour shift gives you chronic back pain? too bad, not wearing a bra to work is unprofessional.

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wood wolves

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I have never hit reblog so fast in my LIFE.

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she’s purring open my damaged heart and throat chakras

she’s purring open my damaged heart and throat chakras

mama so happy