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You should clip off all the growing tips, root them in water for a day, then plant them into a new pot. It's like having a new plant!
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I will! Thanks for the “tip” :3


Caleb Zouhary

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first quarter safe space moon magic, for my grandmother, for friends and family, for myself, for us all.

Now that I have my car, I have started caretaking for my grandmother during the week while my mother is teaching. My grandmother has lung cancer. She is dying. She recently fell and injured her ribs, which causes her a great deal of pain, and she also recently had a catheter inserted into her lungs so that we could drain the fluid that is rapidly building up in them and smothering her from the inside. For the past two nights she has been suffering greatly while she waits for what she truly needs to be provided for her. In the next few days a new motorized lift chair and a new hospital bed will be delivered to her home, which will help me to better keep her relaxed and comfortable.

I will continue to serve as her advocate and try my very best to keep my heart open for her as I help her through this transitional period. She finally has painkillers that don’t require her to eat before she takes them, which has been a huge source of suffering and contention between us for the past two days. We both feel helpless when she is needlessly suffering. I love my grandma very much. I drove to Springfield for work today feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.. but a good cry, a shower, and seven hours alone in the safe space of the gallery have helped clear my head and heart. My family’s open arms and the palpable love I feel in the even safer space of their home has recharged me, and I am ready to return to her side tomorrow after my shift in the gallery with love, patience, understanding, and comforting energy.

If you have thoughts or prayers to spare, please keep us both in them. I am not afraid to lose my grandma and she is not afraid to die, but I need loving support to care for her. I am typically such a selfish human, and I really need a boost of positive vibes to help her through this incredibly difficult time in her life.


I love it when the bottoms of cups are decorated!  They are like an up-skirt and this cup has a nice ass

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I said to the sun, ‘Tell me about the big bang.’ The sun said, ‘It hurts to become.’
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Tobin Bridge Vase

I love bridges and carved the steel structure into this porcelain vase

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Allen House Vase….

based on a beautiful mansion in the South End of Boston.

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September 2, 2014 - transplanted the Wandering Jew into its old pot but this time with a trellis! This plant grows so fast - I need to prune it regularly to ensure it doesn’t get leggy.

ooooh gorgeous!

looks so happy and healthy!! mine’s a straggler.


marbled cups

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You should turn this blog back into the selfie shelf. You look quite fit in that last pic..
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I’m not your slave.

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Ugh you're so sexy
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yes this is true


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masturbation is great and all but I would really like to have some sex, please.


Noa Knafo
The Gate of Knowledge

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